Cornerstone Wealth Partners is an independent wealth management firm providing holistic and comprehensive strategies for families, small business owners, and other professionals throughout the greater Piedmont Triad and Foothills Regions of NC.

The foundation of our work is built on the strong relationships we have with each of our clients, where we dedicate our time to customized investment plans and integrated financial planning. As we work with our clients, we engage with each individual's needs so that together we can make timely and specific changes as circumstances arise.



Cornerstone Wealth Partners adheres strongly to the Fiduciary Standards required by Registered Investment Advisors:

  1. Serve the client’s best interest
  2. Act in utmost good faith
  3. Act prudently — with the care, skill, and judgment of a professional
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest
  5. Disclose all material facts
  6. Control investment expenses

We enthusiastically embrace the legal responsibility and obligation to serve our clients' best interests at all times, knowing that it puts us on the "same side of the table" as we work together to understand and meet their wealth, personal, professional, family, retirement, and charitable goals.

As fiduciaries, we act and advise in your best interests. Always.


Our Leadership

Scott Saffer

Jamie McBride


Wealth is more than what is measured on a balance sheet. Wealth includes our families and loved ones, our businesses and those who have helped it succeed, our careers and partners, even our future and dreams. These elements are why we have made comprehensive life and wealth planning the foundation of our firm.

We promise to do what we believe is right for our clients as we discover how to help them achieve their ideal future. We listen to learn about your most important relationships, goals, fears, challenges, and dreams.

Only then do we create and begin implementing the plans and strategies to get you started.

Because of our personalized approach, it is impossible to list everything we do for our clients. To give you an idea of how we might be able to help you, we have developed a list of common questions we often hear from clients:

Cash Flow

  • How much should I save each year?
  • How do I ensure I am not over-spending?

Risk Management

  • Do I need a personal liability umbrella?
  • What deductibles should I consider?

Retirement Income

  • How do I recreate my paycheck in retirement?
  • Is there a tax efficient distribution method?

Retirement Planning

  • How do I ensure I won’t work past 70?
  • How do I know my current plan is the right one?

Education Planning

  • Should I use a 529 plan for savings?
  • What are some alternative ways to save for college?

Estate Planning

  • Do I have the right legal documents in place?
  • How can I minimize my estate taxes?

Insurance Planning

  • How much do I need?
  • Should I buy term or whole life insurance?

Employee Benefits

  • What benefits should I elect?
  • Should I defer compensation?

Investment Management

  • Do I need professional money management?
  • How do you charge for your services?

Your money dashboard

Portfolios we manage are designed based on specific efforts to understand and define each client's specific investment goals and risk tolerances. This process requires experienced and skilled professionals which include our Senior Investment Consultants and Portfolio Managers. Every client deserves a unique portfolio matched to their unique goals.

  1. Long-Term Investment Approach with Strong Risk Management
  2. Strategic Asset Allocation
  3. Robust Investment Strategies Across Traditional and Alternative Asset Classes 

Client portfolios are developed based on extensive efforts to understand and define client investment goals and risk tolerances which ultimately serve as the client's "personal benchmark."

Our Process

Comprehensive planning for all facets of your financial world

Understanding who you are is one of the most important factors of a successful financial relationship. Let us help you discover what is important to you and help you create a custom a wealth management plan based entirely on your specific goals.  

We want to help you uncover what is most important both financially and personally. We analyze all significant aspects of your financial life. Our process considers your timeline, income and liquidity needs, as well as your risk tolerance.

Taking a Comprehensive look into your Financial Life

To understand your financial goals and aspirations, we will take an in-depth look at your current positions, targeting your strengths and weaknesses and then identify areas of growth and or concern.

We will also analyze the effectiveness of your current portfolio, taking into account your expenses, tolerance for risk, and your current portfolio composition.

Creating a Custom Wealth Solution for you Together

The second step is collaboration—creating an honest dialogue about your financial needs, expectations, concerns, and beliefs.

Based on our analysis, we will develop a long-term wealth plan that will mitigate risk and create a particular design for financial success. This will include audits and education in regards to:

  • Homeowners and Auto Insurance
  • Benefits provided by Employers
  • Legal Documents
  • Determination of Human Life Value
  • Current Portfolio Analysis
  • Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Assets
  • Debt and Mortgage Insights

This developed plan will provide the flexibility to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

Implementing your plan

The next step is the implementation of your new plan. We will provide you with a synopsis of the items that were discussed in the development of your plan and provide you with a detailed list of adjustments necessary to help you reach your goals.

Monitor your plan and reviewing it regularly

Both you and your financial plan are constantly evolving. With this in mind, we meet periodically to ensure that your plan is always reflective of your life. 

We continuously monitor, measure, and manage your financial models. This collaboration gives us the maximum time to prepare for scheduled changes and minimizes the opportunity for surprise circumstances. 

Your first call will be held with one of our Managing Partners to gauge your specific needs and to give you a more in-depth understanding of our firm's strategies and goals.

Find your perfect relationship with one of our financial advisors

To ensure we are starting a successful financial relationship, your first call will be held with one of our Managing Partners to gauge your specific needs and to give you a more in-depth understanding of our firm's strategies and goals. 

Who We Serve

You've been married for a few years and have started a family. Now, what? You might have questions like these…

  • Do I need a budget?
  • How much should I be saving for retirement?
  • How do I evaluate my employer's benefits package?
  • Am I spending too much?
  • How much should I be saving for college?
  • How much house can I afford? 

You might be changing jobs or starting your own business. With change comes opportunity, but also uncertainty…

  • How will my new career path impact my lifestyle?
  • How do I evaluate my employer’s benefits package?
  • Do I have the right investment strategy?
  • Can I afford a second home? 

The kids are grown, and you're now focused on your future. But you have some concerns… 

  • Do I need to save more or work longer?
  • Should I change my investment strategy?
  • What adjustments are needed in my investment strategy?
  • How do I address Long Term Care concerns?
  • Should I pay off the mortgage?

You’ve put your full-time career behind you. Now the fun begins! But how much is all this fun going to cost you?...

  • How much can I safely spend each year without running out of money?
  • What happens if I downsize and move to a different state?
  • How will health care costs impact my retirement?
  • When should I start collecting Social Security?

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